Sport, leisure and recreational activities are the most common cause of dental injuries which can be very painful and require extensive treatment. Mouthguards provide a valuable layer of protection for your teeth while participating in physical activities that carry a risk of dental injury. ‘Off the shelf’ and ‘boil and bite’ mouthguards commonly bought from sporting stores and pharmacies can be very bulky, provide inadequate protection and impede both breathing and communication while they are worn. A custom fitted mouthguard however provides a custom fit providing a high level of protection and comfort. The precise fit covers all teeth with the correct amount of protection while fitting snugly into position, preventing the mouthguard from moving around in the mouth.

A custom fitted mouthguard is a small investment to help ensure the health of your teeth and reduce the risk of dental injury during physical activity that puts your teeth at risk. Call our friendly team to make an appointment for your custom fitted mouthguard to be created.

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